Passenger and Cargo Prodecures

Passenger Procedures

  1. Tickets are purchased from the Purser as you board the ferry.
  2. Boarding in Kingstown will commence 1 hour before departure.
  3. Boarding in Union Island will commence 30 minutes before departure.
  4. In all other Ports, boarding will commence after all arriving passengers have disembarked.
  5. Every passenger is allowed two (2) pieces of baggage.  Freight will be collected on all extra baggage.
  6. Passengers are NOT allowed on the top deck while the ferry is at sea except in special circumstances but not without permission from the Captain.

Cargo Procedures

  1. Cargo MUST be collected no later than one (1) hour after the ferry arrives in Port Kingstown and Union Island except on Fridays at 6:00 pm when cargo should be collected immediately upon arrival of the ferry in Kingstown.
  2.  In all other Ports, cargo MUST be collected when the ferry arrives in Port. 
  3. Jaden Sun will NOT be responsible for cargo left on board the ferry after this time. 
  4. Freight paid covers only the transportation from one Port to the other.  Any cargo remaining on board for several trips will be charged freight accordingly.
  5. All cargo MUST be accompanied by a “Delivery Note” and MUST be clearly labeled with the “Receiver’s” Name and telephone number. Jaden Sun will not be responsible for cargo placed on the ferry without a delivery note or without the knowledge of the crew.
  6. Persons collecting cargo MUST remain on the wharf until arriving passengers have disembarked the ferry.
  7. In Port Kingstown, Cargo will be accepted two (2) hours before departure of the ferry and in Union Island one (1) hour before departure.  In all other Ports, cargo will be accepted before the ferry departs.